Outgoings - Going Abroad

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Are you interested in a semester abroad? On this page you will find an overview of our exchange programmes around the world as well as information on how to apply and receive credits for your exchange semester.


Before Going Abroad

  • Preparation and Research

    When preparing and researching for a stay abroad during your studies, ask yourself the following questions:

    1.    What kind of programme am I interested in and where do I want to go?

    • Find out about the exchange programmes and offers of the faculty and the university (partner universities and programmes of the faculty and the LUH)
    • Find out about financing options
    • Find out more from experiences of former outgoing students!


    2.    When is the best possible time?

    • Bachelor students: Completion of the 4th semester when starting their studies abroad
    • Master’s students: 1.-4. Semester

    Think about your further course of study and research, when the best possible time would be for a stay abroad during your studies.


    3.    Do I meet the academic, linguistic and intercultural requirements?

    Find out more about your dream partner university:

    • Which courses does it offer?
    • Are the semester times suitable?
    • Which language requirements are needed?
    • Take language courses in Business English and many other languages ​​at the Leibniz Language Center.
    • Get involved, for example, as a StudyBuddy.
    • Find out more about the recognition of the credits from abroad.

    Further information on planning a semester abroad can also be found on the website of the University International Office.

  • Written Reports

    Here you can find the experiences from former outgoing students:

  • Participation Requirements

    All Faculty Exchange Programmes

    • Enrolled in B.Sc./ M.Sc.  programme Economics and Management or B.Sc./ M.Sc. Engineering and Business Administration
    • For Bachelor students: Completion of the 4th semester before beginning of studying abroad
    • At least good knowledge of the language of instruction
    • Personal motivation, open-mindedness, independence
    • Good to above-average academic performance
    • Standard period of study
    • Exchange semester can be integrated in studying programme


    Participation requirements for participation in the GUEST programme

    • Only WiWi and WiING (under specific conditions) Bachelor students who are planning their stay in the 5th semester
    • Collaboration and participation in HISSEMA
    • Studies in the fall semester (August to December) at CalPoly Pomonavery
    • Very good knowledge of English
    • Participation in the information event for exchange students (after successful application)
    • Proof of financial feasibility (min. $ 7,000.00 U.S. dollars)
  • Language Requirements

    In general, proof of the English language at B2 level is required and must be proven by one of the following documents:

    • Language course certificates according to the CEFR reference framework (LLC, Vhs etc.).
    • Proof of registration for the course is sufficient as temporary evidence until January 31, initially. After passing the exam, please submit a copy of the certificate.
    • DAAD language test from the Leibniz Language Centre (LLC)
    • TOEFL test and comparable tests
    • Other evidence (please contact us)
    • Proof of language proficiency should, if possible, not be older than 2 years
    • If the teaching language varies (e.g. Spanish / French), the criteria of the partner university also apply.

    In general, we recommend that all students try to obtain language certificates as early as possible and take appropriate language courses (English and / or the language of instruction).

    There are numerous courses from Leibniz Language Centre (LLC) and especially for Students of the Faculty of Economics and Management, which are very suitable as preparation for a semester abroad.

    Further information on Language skills and language certificates for a semester abroad can be also found on the website of the University International Office.

  • Application Procedures of the Faculty

    Timeline of the application process at the Faculty

    1. Note the faculty's application deadline
    2. Submit complete application (see table)
    3. Acknowledgment of receipt will be sent by the international office by the application deadline
    4. Feedback about acceptance or rejection will be sent around mid-February

    Form of application

    Applications for a stay abroad via programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Management should be sent in paper form to:

    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
    Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
    - Auslandsbüro -
    Königsworther Platz 1
    30167 Hannover

    The application documents can be submitted in person to the porter at the Conti campus or to the international office (building 1501, office 101-102) during office hours.

    Application deadline

    The application deadline for the faculty's exchange programmes for the academic year 2023/24 (WS 23/24 & SoSe 2024) is January 31, 2023.

    Required documents

    Cover sheet for application
    • Within the framework of ERASMUS you can apply for a maximum of 3 universities. Ordered by priority
    • When combining ERASMUS and partner universities worldwide and / or GUEST, a maximum of 4 universities must be specified; ordered by priority
    Motivation letter
    • max. 1,5 pages (1 letter, mentioning your preferred universities)
    • in English language
    • Tips see here
    Curriculum Vitea
    • In English language
    Online application
    • Please print out the form and sign it
    • The order of the preferred universities must be identical to the information on the cover sheet
    • For parallel applications (e.g. via other faculties or HI programs), create an online application for each.
    Printed Transcript of Records
    • In English (available from qis)
    • Attention: Applicants from the first master’s semester please submit a copy of the bachelor’s certificate including the final grade instead
    Language Certificate(s)
    • See information on language requirements
    List of courses
    • details based on the course catalogue of the partner universities
    • provide a list of courses to each preferred university
    Proof of voluntary / non-university engagement
    • If applicable, be sure to provide evidence

    It is also important to note

    • Tips for preparing your application documents here
    • Do not use application folders, use binder strips
    • Please submit complete applications by the deadline
    • Applications will be processed as soon as possible after the closing date
    • Acceptances and rejections will be sent to all applicants by e-mail.
    • Important: Please make sure that you enter a valid email address in the application! We cannot consider applications without a valid email address.


    Further information on the application process for Erasmus + and for partner universities at university level can be found on the website of the University Interational Office under this link.

  • Selection criteria
    • Preparation / completeness / language skills
    • Academic achievement
    • Motivation / equal opportunities / integrability into studies
    • Voluntary engagement (e.g. StudyBuddy participation, social activities, etc.)


    The selection is made via the Faculty International Office of the Faculty of Economics and Management. If there is a high demand, a (pre-) selection can be made on the basis of the application documents submitted in writing and, if necessary, a final selection can be made after personal selection interviews.

  • After successful application

    Now further important steps follow:

    1. You will be nominated (proposed) by the LUH at the partner university
    2. After positive feedback, you have to enroll / apply independently at the partner university
    3. Visit our mandatory information events with a lot of important information about the creation of the Learning Agreement (LA) and information about Crediting of study achievements made abroad.
    4. After successful application at the partner university, organize further matters: e.g. leave of absence, financing, insurance, accommodation in the host country, etc.


    All to-do's are listed step by step in our checklists for the respective exchange programs:

  • Learning Agreement

    The creation of the learning agreement is necessary for the implementation of a semester abroad. It will proceed as follows:

    1. Take a look at the courses offered by the host university.
    2. Check information on lump-sum ("Pauschalanrechnung") and individual crediting ("Einzelanrechnung") on the pages for Crediting of achievements.
    3. Make sure, that your chosen courses will to be checked.
    4. On the website Documents of the Faculty International Office you will find your template for the Learning Agreement (LA).
    5. In the LA you enter the contact details of the contact persons in the fields above.
    6. Select the courses according to the partner university and enter them in Table A1.
    7. In Table B2 enter the appropriately coordinated recognition of credits.
    8. Please sign the LA and send it to the Faculty International Office.
    Submission Deadline for the Learning Agreement

    Mobilities in the winter semester: April 30th

    Mobilities in the summer semester: September 30th

During the Stay Abroad

  • Follow the to-do's according to the checklist

    All to-do's are listed step by step in our checklists for the respective exchange programmes:

    1. Learning Agreement "During the Mobility" in case of course changes

      If courses/course recognitions need to be changed:

      1. Courses, according to the process for recognition, have it checked again.
      2. Adjust the LA under the heading "During the Mobility" (Table A2: Add new courses and delete old courses and note the corresponding recognition of credits in Table B2).
      3. Sign the LA During the Mobility yourself
      4. Have the LA During the Mobility signed by the host university.
      5. Send the LA to the international office.

      --> Last chance to change courses and the respective recognitions.

      Submission Deadline Learning Agreement "During the Mobility"

      Mobilities in the winter semester: October 31st

      Mobilities in the summer semester: April 30th

    2. "Confirmation of Stay"

      Erasmus + Outgoings submit the completed and signed "Confirmation of Stay" for the Erasmus + mobility grant to the International Office (Thomas Hobohm).

      Further information can be found on the website of the University International Office (HI):

    3. Take of the Role of Ambassador

      Be available on site as ambassador for the LUH / Faculty of Economics and Management for information events, trade fairs and events at the host university.

    4. Request the Transcript of Records

      Before your return to Hannover, you should request a "Transcript of Records". The official transcript detailes the marks of your studies and courses at your host university.

    After the Stay Abroad

    Available places

    Here you will find information about our remaining places:

    Documents of the Faculty International Office

    On this page you will find all the important documents for your stay abroad:

    Financing opportunities

    On this page you will find information on financing opportunities for your semester stay abroad:

    Business English

    Would you like to expand and deepen your professional English skills? Then you should take a look at the Business English course offering!

    Office hours of Faculty International Office

    Office hours Faculty International Office (without registration)
    • Tuesdays: 10:30-12:30am online via Stud.IP/ BBB  (search for „Auslandsbüro / Faculty International Office“ sign in and click „Meetings“)
    • Tuesdays: 14-16h on-campus (building 1501, room 101-103)
    • Thursdays: 10:30-12:30am on-campus (building 1501, room 101-103)


    International Office of Faculty of Economics and Management:

    Head of Faculty International Office

    Nino Iden
    Königsworther Platz 1
    30167 Hannover
    Nino Iden
    Königsworther Platz 1
    30167 Hannover

    on parental leave

    M.A. Berit Sellmer
    Exchange Coordinator
    Königsworther Platz 1
    30167 Hannover
    M.A. Berit Sellmer
    Exchange Coordinator
    Königsworther Platz 1
    30167 Hannover


    M.A. Linda Schwarz
    Königsworther Platz 1
    30167 Hannover
    M.A. Linda Schwarz
    Königsworther Platz 1
    30167 Hannover