Marketing and Management

Marketing and Management

Brief description

In response to current challenges of future-oriented management strategies and the related problem solving, we accentuate different marketing trends in the attempt to develop a com-prehensive management concept, e.g.:

  •  Strategic/Societal Marketing
  •  Brand Marketing, Reputation, Corporate Identity
  •  Consumer/Organizational Behaviour
  •  Market Research, Multivariate Analysis
  •  Applied Marketing in different industries (e.g. finance, sports, energy)

We are convinced that Marketing Science as a bottleneck-oriented philosophy within strategic corporate governance plays a central role in the development of future-oriented success strategies.


Christina Linke

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann


Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Walsh
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

Research Staff

M. Sc. Sebastian Böddeker
M. Sc. Christopher Funke
Dr. Janina Haase
Dr. Evmorfia Karampournioti
Dr. Sascha Langner
Dr. Walter von Mettenheim
M. Sc. Caroline Rothert-Schnell
M. Sc. Kaj-Johanna Stichnoth
Dr. Levke Walten
M. Sc. Marti-Alexander Wilczak

Retired Professors

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Ursula Hansen