Marketing and Management

Brief description

In response to current challenges of future-oriented management strategies and the related problem solving, we accentuate different marketing trends in the attempt to develop a com-prehensive management concept, e.g.:

  •  Strategic/Societal Marketing
  •  Brand Marketing, Reputation, Corporate Identity
  •  Consumer/Organizational Behaviour
  •  Market Research, Multivariate Analysis
  •  Applied Marketing in different industries (e.g. finance, sports, energy)

We are convinced that Marketing Science as a bottleneck-oriented philosophy within strategic corporate governance plays a central role in the development of future-oriented success strategies.


Christina Linke
 Christina Linke  Christina Linke


Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Walsh
 Gianfranco Walsh  Gianfranco Walsh

Research Staff

M. Sc. Sebastian Böddeker
 Sebastian Böddeker  Sebastian Böddeker
M. Sc. Christopher Funke
 Christopher Funke  Christopher Funke
Dr. Evmorfia Karampournioti
 Evmorfia Karampournioti  Evmorfia Karampournioti
M. Sc. Caroline Rothert-Schnell
 Caroline Rothert-Schnell  Caroline Rothert-Schnell
M. Sc. Kaj-Johanna Stichnoth
 Kaj-Johanna Stichnoth  Kaj-Johanna Stichnoth
Dr. Levke Walten
 Levke Walten  Levke Walten
M. Sc. Marti-Alexander Wilczak
 Marti-Alexander Wilczak  Marti-Alexander Wilczak

Emeritus/Retired Professors

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Ursula Hansen
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann
 Klaus-Peter Wiedmann  Klaus-Peter Wiedmann