Brief description

Statistics is an important tool for economists. The sizable relevance to make decisions as a result of the analysis of data implies a high necessity to develop methods for investigation and reporting. The main focus of our research lies on univariate timeseries analysis, particularly long-term dependencies and non-linearities, in order to analyse financial markets.

A widespread offer of lectures with numerous connections to other majors round off the image of this multifaceted field of study.


Executive Director

Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Philipp Sibbertsen


Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Philipp Sibbertsen

Research Staff

M.Sc. Teresa Flock
M. Sc. Jannik Kreye
M. Sc. Vivien Less
M.Sc. Johanna Meier
M.Sc. Katharina Rittmeier
Chris Toumping Fotso

Administrative/Technical Staff

Non-public person