Production Management


Brief description

Our research and teaching is directed at decision problems related to the design, planning and control of modern production systems. A quantitative approach is used to both analyse and optimise manufacturing as well as service systems.

Executive Director


Research Staff

M. Sc. Lars Jäger
 Lars Jäger  Lars Jäger
M. Sc. Martin Klingebiel
 Martin Klingebiel  Martin Klingebiel
M. Sc. Inka Nozinski
 Inka Nozinski  Inka Nozinski
M. Sc. Niklas Pöch
 Niklas Pöch  Niklas Pöch
M. Sc. Jörn Serrer
 Jörn Serrer  Jörn Serrer
M. Sc. Sebastian Wegel
 Sebastian Wegel  Sebastian Wegel

Administrative/Technical Staff