Remaining places

Here you can find all information about application on available places of the exchange programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Management.

Application and procedure

Instructions for applying for remaining places

We would like to allocate the remaining places as soon as possible. Therefore, the allocation process works according to the "first come, first served" principle. It is also possible to apply for several places. Please submit your complete application documents as described on our website under "Application procedure" by post or in person at the international office.

Information about the semester abroad and the application for foreign programmes of the WiWi faculty can be found in the "Outgoings" section of our website:

Be sure to check the respective information on the application requirements, the documents to be submitted, the required language skills and forms of proof, the application deadlines and semester times, as well as the course options (Bachelor/Master) on the further websites of the respective partner universities.

Please also note: In the summer semester in particular, there may be overlaps with the exam phase at the LUH. In this case, we recommend thinking about possible alternatives.

If you have any further questions, the team at the international office will be happy to help you at any time! You can reach us during the office hours of the international office and by email at:

We are looking forward to your application!

Your team from the International Office

Instruction for the summer semester 2025

Please note the semester times of the partner universities for the remaining places for the summer semester 2025! There may be time overlaps with the exam phase at the LUH.

You can find more information about the partner universities on the websites of our respective exchange programs below.

Remaining places for the academic year of 2024/25

Erasmus-Partnerhochschulen: Bitte Hinweise auf unserer Internetseite beachten! (as of March 26, 2024) Anzahl Restplätze
Belgium: Gent 5
Belgium: Namur (Master only) 2
Bulgaria: Sofia 2
Denmark: Syddansk 2
Finland: Turku 1
France: Cergy 4

France: Grenoble

France: Nice (Master only) 1
France: Marseille 2
France: Mulhouse (Bachelor only) 3
France: Rouen 5
Great Britain: Bristol  2
Italy: Trento 6
Poland: Lublin 2
Poland: Warschau, Collegium Civitas 2
Poland: Warschau SGH 1
Poland: Poznan  4
Poland: Warschau, Warsaw Technology  4
Slovakia: Bratislava (Bachelor only) 4
Slovenia: Ljubljana 1
Spain: Alcala  4

Spain: Cordoba

Spain: Gran Canaria (Bachelor only) 5
Spain: Leon (Bachelor only) 5
Spain: Zaragoza (Bachelor only) 4
Czechia: Ostrava (Bachelor only) 4
Turkey: Istanbul 3
Hungary: Budapest 1
Hungary: Veszprem  6
Worldwide WiWi partner universities and GUEST (as of March 19, 2024) Number of remaining places


Georgia: Tiflis (GIPA) 2
Japan: Nagoya 4
Japan: Hitotsubashi 2

Office hours Faculty International Office

Office hours Faculty International Office (without registration)
  • Tuesdays: 10:30-12:30am online via Stud.IP/ BBB  (search for „Auslandsbüro / Faculty International Office“ sign in and click „Meetings“)
  • Tuesdays: 14-16h on-campus (building 1501, room 101-103)
  • Thursdays: 10:30-12:30am on-campus (building 1501, room 101-103)


International office of Faculty of Economics and Management: