Environmental Economics and World Trade

Environmental Economics and World Trade


Brief description

The research and teaching agenda of IUW focuses on topics related to environment, development and trade. Questions about the use of labeling for export goods and its impact on developing countries, about food safety issues in trade, the competitiveness of countries, or the governance of value chains are examples.


Marina Bergmeier

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grote


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grote

Cooperating/External Professors

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Research Staff

M. Sc. Sina Bierkamp
M. A. Robyn Blake-Rath
Dr. Steven Gronau
Nusrat Zaitun Hossain
M. Sc. Brigitte Ruesink
M. Sc. Ronja Seegers
M. Sc. Eva Seewald
Dr. Etti Winter

Member of Lecturing Staff

PD Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen

Retired Professors

Prof. Dr. Erich Schmidt