Area Finance, Banking & Insurance


The area Finance, Banking & Insurance provides in-depth knowledge in finance and insurance. The main focus is on bank management, financial markets, monetary policy as well as insurance management. Within these, exemplary topics are risk controlling in banks, asset pricing, valuation of derivatives, optimal monetary policy and exchange rates, asset management and optimal investment decisions, management of insurance companies and the digitalization in the financial industry. This core curriculum is complemented by methodologically oriented courses in econometrics and information management. Students will gain the ability to analyze and solve complex finance- and insurance-related problems. They are ideally prepared for a challenging position in the industry. The area also considers interdisciplinary research questions. For example, we are involved in the Research Center Energy (LiFE 2050) of LUH and investigate how financial markets can support the transformation of the energy sector towards renewable energy (“Energiewende”).

Structure Major

CategoryCredit points (ECTS)
Compulsory modules
Elective modules (without seminars)40
Elective modules (seminars)10

Structure Minor

CategoryCredit points (ECTS)
Elective modules20

Detailed structure

The modules have to be taken in semesters 1-3. Since all the elective module offers are prospective, changes are possible.

Elective modules (without seminars) Major / Elective modules Minor

Module / Course
LanguageSemesterCP (ECTS)Institute
Behavioral FinanceEnglishWinter5Banking and Finance
Financial Intermediation English Summer5 Banking and Finance
Hedge Funds: Trading Strategies and Performance EvaluationEnglishWinter5Banking and Finance
Advanced Asset PricingEnglishWinter5Finance and Commodity Markets
Advanced DerivativesEnglishSummer5Finance and Commodity Markets
Research in FinanceEnglishWinter15Finance and Commodity Markets
Hannover Finance Symposium Master German Winter5Finance and Commodity Markets
Financial Crises English Summer 5 Money and International Finance
Financial Systems and Regulation / Asset ManagementEnglishWinter5Money and International Finance
Monetary Theory and PolicyEnglishWinter5Money and International Finance
Financial EconometricsEnglishWinter5Statistics
Time Series AnalysisEnglishSummer5Statistics
Advanced Time Series Analysis English Winter 5 Statistics
Behavioral Insurance English Summer 5 Risk and Insurance
Insurance Risk Management English Winter 5 Risk and Insurance
Praxisworkshop Versicherungen German Summer 5 Risk and Insurance
Qualitative and Experimental Research Methods English Summer 5 Risk and Insurance
Strategische Planung und Krankenversicherung German Winter 5 Risk and Insurance
Computational FinanceEnglishWinter5Information Systems Research

1 Not in Winter 22/23


Elective modules (seminars) Major / Elective modules Minor

Examination form: Seminar Paper

Module / CourseLanguageSemesterCP (ECTS)Institute
Seminar Banking and FinanceEnglishWinter5 Banking and Finance
Seminar Banking German Summer 5 Banking and Finance
Seminar Corporate Finance GermanSummer5 Banking and Finance
Master Seminar Finance: Asset Pricing & Asset ManagementEnglishSummer5

Finance and Commodity Markets

Master Seminar Finance: Derivatives & Risk Management English Winter5Finance and Commodity Markets
Seminar Empirical Monetary MacroeconomicsEnglishWinter and summer5 Money and International Finance
Seminar Monetary Economics Using Microdata English Summer5 Money and International Finance
Seminar Challenges in Insurance Risk Management English Summer 5 Risk and Insurance
Seminar Insurance Customer Behavior English Winter5 Risk and Insurance


Research and practical relevance

The area Finance, Banking & Insurance offers many connections to research and practice. The course curriculum is based on the most recent developments in academic research. The practical relevance is another a key aspect. The study program provides an ideal preparation for a challenging position in the financial and insurance industry. The close connection between research and practice through the Hannover Center of Finance (HCF) and the House of Insurance provides students with the opportunity to establish industry contacts. The area also offers courses and master theses in collaboration with our industry partners.

Intended audience (Recommended skills)

The course curriculum of the area Finance, Banking & Insurance is designed for students with a special interest in the finance and insurance industry. Quantitative methods (especially mathematics, statistics and programming) are frequently used. The empirical analysis of financial data is of high importance.

Career prospects

The study program offers various career options. Naturally, it provides an excellent background for an interesting position in the financial and insurance industry. But there are also many career opportunities in other sectors as financial decisions are extremely important for every cooperation. Due to the high degree of analytic thinking, graduates of the area are of high interest for the consulting industry. Moreover, there are many interesting work opportunities at the financial supervision, at policy advising and of course in academic research.