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Support of periled researchers from Ukraine and Russia

Support of periled researchers from Ukraine and Russia


Are you working and researching at the LUH and you would like to help other researchers from abroad? Then you are right here.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine the Central International Office at the LUH receives many requests from Ukrainian researchers (PhD and postdocs) who have to leave Ukraine because of war, but also from Russian researchers who are now in danger of death in their country because they are for peace and against the war in Ukraine. We need your support in order to offer protective surrounding to these people.

Here you can find the profile data of the researchers. The list will be ongoing actualized:

In order to protect the researchers all data is anonymized. Should you need more information on researchers, please contact the Central International Office ( with the CaseID and they will forward the CVs and contacts details of the researchers to you.


Here are a few tips on possible funding:

The admission of a researcher does not necessarily have to be linked to the financing of a position at your institute. Here you will find further financing options for researchers:

- Researchers from Ukraine will receive a residence title according to § 24 after they have registered in Germany. This includes receiving benefits according to the Asylum Seekers'' Benefits Act. (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz)

- Researchers from Russia can apply for individual funding from the DAAD.

- Both target groups can currently apply for the following funding programmes for periled researchers. Information on further funding programmes will be published in the FAQs on the Ukraine War as far as known:

  • Walter Benjamin Programme of the DFG
  • Philipp Schwartz Initiative of the AvH (postdocs only)
  • Hilde-Domin Programme of the DAAD (PhD students only)
  • Erasmus+ funding (for PhD students only)
  • Philipp-Schwartz Initiative (postdocs only)

Should you have further questions about data base or promotion, please contact Solenne Schwanemann via email: