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Labour Economics

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The Institute teaches courses in Labour Economics, Personnel Economics and Applied Econometrics. Our research focuses on empirical questionsin fields such as education, migration, wage and employmentdynamics, inequality, gender issues, economics of the public sector, andapplied econometrics. Our research has been funded by the Anglo-German Foundation, the European Union, the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the German Mail Foundation, the German Science Foundation, theMinistry of Research and Cultural Affairs of Lower Saxony, the SwissNational Science Foundation, and the Volkswagen Foundation.


Susanne Garbe

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Patrick Puhani
 Patrick Puhani  Patrick Puhani


Prof. Dr. Patrick Puhani
 Patrick Puhani  Patrick Puhani
Prof. Dr. Daniel Schnitzlein
 Daniel Schnitzlein  Daniel Schnitzlein

Research Staff

M.Sc. Franziska Braschke
Dr. Hamed Markazi Moghadam
Dr. Anna Katharina Pikos
Dr. Alexander Straub
 Alexander Straub  Alexander Straub

External Assistant Lecturers

M.Sc. Daniel Graeber
Dr. Christian Toft

Retired Professors

Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol. Knut Gerlach

Administrative/Technical Staff

Susanne Garbe