Information Systems Research

Information Systems Research


Brief description

Information/Communication Systems (IS) and Technology (ICT) are very important today. Besides development, analysis and optimization of IS and ICT we investigate trends and their economic and social effects, too. Based on thorough methodology often our teaching is also joboriented, e.g. in our SAP I, SAP II, ARIS, Soft-wareengineering or ITProject Management courses. We do quantitative research, e.g. in Neurosimulation (FAUN) or in Derivatives, and qualitative research in E- and M-Learning or E- and M-Business. TU Helsinki, Shinsyu University, UC San Diego and St. Gallen University are some of our international research partner universities.

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael H. Breitner
 Michael H. Breitner  Michael H. Breitner


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael H. Breitner
 Michael H. Breitner  Michael H. Breitner

Research Staff

M.Sc. Sarah Eckhoff
 Sarah Eckhoff  Sarah Eckhoff
M.Sc. Maria Hart
M.Sc. Maximilian Heumann
 Maximilian Heumann  Maximilian Heumann
M.Sc. Antje Janssen
 Antje Janssen  Antje Janssen
M.Sc. Christin Karrenbauer
 Christin Karrenbauer  Christin Karrenbauer
M.Sc. Tobias Kraschewski
 Tobias Kraschewski  Tobias Kraschewski
M.Sc. Oliver Werth
 Oliver Werth  Oliver Werth

External Assistant Lecturers

Dr. Claudia M. König
 Claudia M. König  Claudia M. König
Dr. Denis Wendt
Dr. Jörg Ziemann

Doctoral Candidates

M.Sc. Ferry Nolte
M.Sc. Jens Paßlick
M.Sc. Jan-Hendrik Piel
M.Sc. Nikolas Stege
M.Sc. Chris Stetter
M.Sc. David Weber
Henrik Wielert
 Henrik Wielert  Henrik Wielert