Psychological Counselling by ptb

Grow - get reorganized and overcome your worries

Studying abroad comes with great adventures, but also great difficulties. The great challenge is sometimes learning the language, navigating the academic world, meeting people, and establishing a life in a new country. Sometimes, it´s the smaller things, like finishing your paper, writing the exam, or asking someone to be your study buddy. These can lead to stress on our mental and physical health. Since these issues, mixed with work difficulties, are a shared experience for a lot of Incomings, the Psychologisch-Therapeutische Beratung für Studierende (ptb) is starting a new group for the International and Incoming students of the Faculty of Economics and Management.


The aim of this group is to provide help for economic sciences students in developing, coping with and completing study projects such as term papers, presentations, reports, etc., while also adapting to the new environment. Your questions and concerns are the basis of the weekly sessions. Topics in the sessions might include structuring your project and getting started, coping with difficulties in your work, dealing with loneliness, navigating the German health care system, or managing your expectations.


Group councellor: Agnes Pöltl (Psychologin M.Sc., Psychologisch Psychotherapeutin)

When: Wednesdays 2-4pm

Where: Im Moore, 13, 3. OG


A preliminary talk is required for participation, which you can arrange at the ptb secretary's office  (daily 10–12 am and in the lecture-free period Monday–Thursday, 2-4 pm, phone: 0511 762-3799).