Major: Finance

Responsibility: Prof. Dr. Prokopczuk

Subject of the major

This major offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the area of finance. The theoretical and empirical topics covered throughout the course of studies prepare the students for careers in the financial industry and for conducting academic research.


Students gain the knowledge and ability to analyze and solve complex problems related to financial markets and financial decision making. Due to the wide variety of topics covered, the major is an ideal preparation for jobs in the financial industry, including banks, insurance companies, governmental agencies (e.g. central banks and regulators), other financial service providers, or also finance departments of industrial corporations. The long master dissertation provides a good impression and introduction into academic research and potential PhD studies.


The modules cover a wide variety of finance topics in order to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and to avoid a too narrow specialization. Previous knowledge of basic finance concepts, such as those covered in the finance modules of the Bachelor program is helpful, although not compulsory.


Examination form (and duration)
Credit points  (ECTS)
Compulsory modules Financial ManagementAsset Management (2 V)Written exam 90 min9Money and International Finance
Risk Management (2 V)Banking and Finance
Asset PricingAsset Pricing (2 V)Written exam 60 min5Financial Markets
SeminarSeminar zu quantitativen Methoden (2 V)Seminar performance (Seminarleistung)5Banking and Finance, Financial Markets, Money and International Finance, Statistics, Information Systems Research
Elective module1Computational FinanceComputational Finance (2 V)Term Paper5Information Systems Research
Financial EconometricsFinancial Econometrics (2 V)Oral Examination5Statistics

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