StudiesDegree ProgrammsMSc. Wirtschaftswissenschaft (4 Sem.-PO 2012)Major
Development and Environment (European Asian Economic Relations)

Major: Development and Environment

Responsibility: Prof. Dr. Grote

Subject of the major

The impacts of the financial crisis and environmental degradation affect especially developing and emerging countries. At the same time, Europe faces new challenges from the growing economic importance of China and India. But also the growing economies of other Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, or Indonesia provide excellent opportunities for economic cooperation for example with respect to future technologies. Trade and technical cooperation between Europe and Asian economies is growing. Therefore, international Corporations and Organizations need experts with knowledge of Asian economies and their relations with Europe. The Major offers a unique opportunity for intercultural learning and exchange among participants coming especially from Asia, Germany and other European countries. The major provides the opportunity to work on the Master thesis based on own field research in Asia.


The major provides students with an in-depth knowledge on the economic relations between Europe and Asia. The students will be prepared for high-level positions in private and public sector organisations that deal with the economic relations between European and Asian countries. The programme offers a range of courses that will equip students with theoretical and practical methods and tools to implement strategies which foster economic relations for business and international development.


CategoryModuleCoursesExamination form (and duration)Credit points  (ECTS)Institute
Compulsory modulesQuantitative Development EconomicsData Collection (2 V)Written exam 90 min9Development and Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics and World Trade
Micro, Macro and Trade Models (2 V)Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Environmental Economics and World Trade
International EconomicsSeminar Asian Economies (2 V)Seminar performance (Seminarleistung)5Development and Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics and World Trade
International FinanceDevelopment Finance and Social Protection (2 V)Written exam 60 min5Money and International Finance, Social Policy
International Development and TradeInternational Business Relations (2 V)Written exam 60 min5Development and Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics and World Trade