Archive Colloquium Innovation and Learning

Summer Term 2022

Date Speaker Subject
28. April 2022 Nils Foege The Role of Top Management Teams for Digital Innovation
19. May 2022 Maik Dierkes  
23. June 2022 Judith Schneider  
21. July 2022 Nils Foege Managing the Digital Transformation

Winter Term 21/22

28th October 2021Erk PieningExploring Learning From Failure Across Different Contexts
25th November 2021 Arndt ReichertQuality signaling and renewable energy investments: A randomized field experiment in Senegal
16th December 2021 Axel HaunschildArbeitswissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Innovation und Lernen
20th January 2022 Nils FoegeActivating the Sustainable Consumer: The Role of Customer Involvement in Corporate Sustainability

Winter Term 19/20

24th October 2019Stephan ThomsenHigher Education Expansion, the Bologna Process, and the German Labor Market
28th November 2019 Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan Use and Abuse of Antidumping by International Cartels
19th December 2019 Marina Schröder

Rewarding with a food strengthens the valuation of the food used as reward

30th January 2020 Ulrike GroteSeed Selection in scarce social networks

Courses Summer Term 2019

11. April 2019Heidrun Hoppe-WewetzerExperimentation, Learning, and Preemption
09. May 2019 Philipp SibbertsenSpurious Fractional Cointegration
06. June 2019 Marcel ProkopczukBeta Uncertainty
27. June 2019 Annika Herr Physician Dispensing and Prescribing Behavior in England and  Quality and Competition in Long-term Care in Germany

Courses Winter Term 2018/2019

01. NovemberCore group Lernen unter Ungewissheit
06. DezemberLena Dräger Lernen und Makroökonomische Erwartungen
10. JanuarMonika Sester Maschinelles Lernen
31. JanuarJens Robert SchöndubeBoard Oversight and Advising in Dynamic Agency

Courses Summer Term 2018

10. April 2018Christiana WeberInvestigating inter-organizational relationships in multiple contexts from multiple theoretical perspectives
08. Mai 2018Martin GassebnerFueling Conflict? (De)escalation and Bilateral Aid
05. Juni 2018Ulrike GroteInnovationen in der Wertschoepfungskette: das Beispiel von Kaffeezertifizierung
03. Juli 2018Maik DierkesSchiefepräferenz und Wertpapierpreise

Courses Winter Term 2017/2018

02. November 2017Philipp SibbertsenThe Memory of Stock Return Volatility: Asset Pricing Implications
07. December 2017Kay BlaufusLearning to Save Tax-Efficiently: Tax Misperceptions and the Effect of Information Presentation on Retirement Savings
11. January 2018Andreas WagenerLaboratory Federalism: Experimentation and Imitation in Fiscal Federations
01. February 2018Stefan Wielenberg

Learning in Tax Compliance Games