Risk and Insurance

Risk and Insurance



In our research and teaching, we deal with risks and financial decisions under uncertainty. We particularly focus on behavioral economic concepts to explain individual decisions, for example the choice of insurance and investment products. In addition, we deal with current challenges in the financial and insurance industry, such as sustainability and cyber risks.


In our diverse range of courses, we combine traditional concepts of insurance and risk management (including insurance management, insurance lines and business models, insurance risk management) with behavioral economic approaches and current topics (including behavioral insurance, qualitative and experimental methods, insurance customer behavior). In addition, we offer interesting practical insights through cooperation with the insurance industry (including practical workshops and guest lectures).


  • Behavioral Insurance and Finance
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty
  • Sustainable Insurance and Investing
  • Model Risk Management
  • Experimental Finance
  • Versorgungsforschung

In our research we use innovative experimental, theoretical and empirical methods. Research has been published in the journals Review of Financial Studies, Management Science, Operations Research, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.



Claudia Pfeiffer-Stawars
 Claudia Pfeiffer-Stawars  Claudia Pfeiffer-Stawars
Skye Thönies

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Judith Christiane Schneider
 Judith Christiane Schneider  Judith Christiane Schneider


Prof. Dr. Judith Christiane Schneider
 Judith Christiane Schneider  Judith Christiane Schneider

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Dr. Kathrin Damm
 Kathrin Damm  Kathrin Damm
M. Sc. Juliana Hoeper
 Juliana Hoeper  Juliana Hoeper
Dr. rer. pol. Ute Lohse
 Ute Lohse  Ute Lohse
M. Sc. Torben Schmidt
 Torben Schmidt  Torben Schmidt
M. Sc. Brandon Lee Schwab
 Brandon Lee Schwab  Brandon Lee Schwab
M. Sc. Lea de Jong
 Lea de Jong  Lea de Jong