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Institute of Development and Agricultural Economics

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Brief description

Research and Teaching emphasizes the economics of production, resource use and environmental services of agricultural and agroecosystems in developing countries.
Research is carried out in collaboration with the Institute for Environmental Economics and World Trade.


Executive Director

Prof. Dr. sc. agr. Hermann Waibel


Prof. Dr. sc. agr. Hermann Waibel

Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant

M.Sc. Badrun Nessa Ahmed
M.Sc. Mark Brooks
M.Sc. Shaoze Jin
Dr. rer. pol. Sabine Liebenehm
Dr. Rattiya S. Lippe
Dipl.-Ök. Thi Hoa Pahlisch
Dr. Priyanka Parvathi
M.Sc. Alirah Emmanuel Weyori

External Assistant Lecturer

apl. Prof. Dr. Susan Steiner

Administrative/Technical Staff

Non-public person
Dipl.-Ing. Florian Heinrichs

Retired Professors

Non-public person
Non-public person
Prof. Dr. rer. hort. Harmen Storck