Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

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Our teaching addresses the major topics in corporate finance and banking where some focus is on risk measurement and management. In our research we mainly deal with all issues related to credit risk, such as credit risk modeling, portfolio credit risk, credit derivatives, structured finance, Basel II, stresstesting and model validation.


Dipl.-Kff. Helga Hemmersmeier
 Helga Hemmersmeier  Helga Hemmersmeier

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Maik Dierkes
 Maik Dierkes  Maik Dierkes


Prof. Dr. Maik Dierkes
 Maik Dierkes  Maik Dierkes

Research Staff

M.Sc. Sebastian Schrön
 Sebastian Schrön  Sebastian Schrön
Florian Sckade, M.Sc.
 Florian Sckade  Florian Sckade

External Assistant Lecturers

Dr. Alexander Merz