Responsibility: Prof. Dr. Wiedmann

Subject of the major

Companies, political organizations, associations, or institutions face serious challenges stemming from the globalization of markets and societies. In order to develop, maintain, or expand a high level of international competitiveness, a holistic management approach is necessary that considers different levels of analysis and programs of action. This approach requires knowledge of

  • the context of international business relations as well as political strategies,
  • global markets, their challenges and options for the purposeful design of exchange processes, and
  • managing, structuring and developing international companies which act in these markets.

The major in International Management, hence, focuses on the challenge of managing distinctive intercultural aspects on the aforementioned levels.


The main objective of the major in International Management is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of global markets and their actors. In order to develop successful strategies for the highly complex and rapidly changing business environment, knowledge is required of the possibilities as well as the barriers of implementing tools and instruments for international management and business relations. Thus, the lectures will provide

  • the relevant theoretical foundations,
  • profound knowledge of methods, and
  • case studies to illustrate practical implications.


CategoryModuleCoursesExamination form (and duration)Credit points  (ECTS)Institute
Compulsory modules MarketingInternational Marketing (2 V)Written exam 60 min6Marketing and Management
ManagementSeminar Strategic International Management (2 V)Seminar performance (Seminar-

Organizational Behavior and Management
Management MethodsQualitative and Quantitative Management Methods (2 V)Written exam 60 min


Human Resource Management
Elective module1Global Electronic Business Global Electronic Business (2 V)Term Paper6Information Systems Research
Intercultural Economics and Management Intercultural Economics and Management (2 S)Seminar performance (Seminar-
6Environmental Economics and World Trade, Marketing and Management
International Development and Trade International Business Relations (2 V)Written exam 60 min6Development and Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics and World Trade
Strategic International Human Resource Management Strategic International Human Resource Management (2 V)Term Paper6Human Resource Management

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