Finance Group

The Finance Group at Leibniz University Hannover is producing research at high international standards. The Group presently encompasses 5 professors and around 15 post-docs and PhD students who are specialized on a broad range of subjects.

  • asset pricing
  • banking
  • behavorial finance
  • commodity markets
  • computational finance
  • derivatives
  • empirical finance
  • international finance
  • investment management
  • risk management and others

The size of this group, being among the three largest in Germany, also ensures an excellent study environment. Accordingly, we offer a de facto specialization during the B.Sc. study in various finance fields. At the Master level the faculty runs a major in “Finance” and at the PhD level we have a set of courses to prepare students for ambitious research projects

The Finance Group is in close contact with practitioners in our field. For this purpose we rely on several part-time teachers from financial institutions and have established the Hannover Center of Finance e.V.


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