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School Officers

Status: May 2017

Officers for Foreign and Erasmus Students

  • Prof. Dr. P. Puhani (Tel. -5620)
  • Deputy: Prof. Dr. U. Grote (Tel. -4185)

Equal Opportunities Officers

As Equal Opportunities Officers for the School of Economics and Management, we are dedicated to equality between men and women in terms of equality of opportunity. In doing this, our duties primarily include consultation and mediation of disputes, promotion of equality of opportunity aimed at an increase in the number of women in the School as well as involvement on recruitment committees.

  • N.N.
  • M. Heidelberg (Tel. -5977)
  • V. Geruschkat

Rooms Officers

Planning of the School's required space and room use, in particular a point of contact with regards to required space for research projects and in the event of security defects in staircases, hallways, lecture halls and seminar rooms.

  • Dr. H. Lehne (Tel. -3785)
  • Deputy: A. Waespi (Tel. -19829)

BAFöG (Student Funding) Officers

  • Prof. Dr. K.-P. Wiedmann (Tel. -3084)
  • Deputy: Prof. Dr. H. Hoppe-Wewetzer (Tel. -4868)

Library Officers

The (increasingly electronic) library delivers an important source for academic work, which is constantly being adapted to the needs of students, research specialisms and new specialist developments.

  • Prof. Dr. J. Schöndube (Tel. -8131)

Officer for the Orientation Period Economics and Management

  • Prof. Dr. P. Puhani (Tel. -5620)

Officer for the Degree and the Orientation Period in Engineering and Business Administration

  • Prof. Dr. S. Helber (Tel. -5650)

E-Learning Officer

  • Prof. Dr. M. H. Breitner (Tel. -4901)

Minor Subjects Officers

  • Dr. K. Friedrici (Economics, Tel. -2767) and Dr. H.-J. Bruns (Business management, Tel. -5456)

Mentoring Programme Officer

  • Dr. H. Lehne (Tel. -3785)

Founder's Counselor

The Founder's Counselor supports our service for founders starting business to promote entrepreneurial thinking in the faculty. The goal is to communicate relevant information, sensitize students and faculty members for entrepreneurship, identify new technologies and their market potential as well as mediate between talents and the services offered by starting business.

  • Prof. Dr. Ch. Weber (Tel. -5638)

ITS Officer

  •  F. Gindel (Tel. -4981)

Faculty Information Officer (FIO)

  • Dipl.-Ök. C. Heidrich (Tel. -4423)

Website Officer

  • Dipl.-Ök. C. Heidrich (Tel. -4423)

IT Security Officer

  • Dipl.-Ök. C. Heidrich (Tel. -4423)
  • Deputy: F. Gindel (Tel. -4981)

Security Officer

  • A.-K. Schubert (Tel. -4805)
  • A. Waespi (Tel. -19829)


  • C. Linke (Tel. -4560)
  • A. Loos (Tel. -4862)


  • C. Diedler (Tel. -9068)
  • F. Heinrichs (Tel. -19957)
  • Dr. S. Kronenberger (Tel. -3121)
  • C. Linke (Tel. -4560)
  • A. K. Pikos (Tel. -5620)
  • I. Reineke (Tel. -4869)